Friday, December 23, 2011

The European Portfolio for Student Teachers of Languages

The European Portfolio for Student Teachers of Languages (EPOSTL) is a document for students undergoing initial teacher education. It will encourage you to reflect on your didactic knowledge and skills necessary to teach languages, helps you to assess your own didactic competences and enables you to monitor your progress and to record your experiences of teaching during the course of your teacher education.

Contents of the EPOSTL

The EPOSTL contains the following sections:
• A personal statement section to help you, at the beginning of your teacher education, to reflect on general questions related to teaching;
• A self-assessment section, consisting of ‘can-do’ descriptors, to facilitate refl ection and selfassessment;
• A dossier, in which you can make the outcome of your self-assessment transparent, to provide evidence of progress and to record examples of work relevant to teaching;
• A glossary of the most important terms relating to language learning and teaching used in the EPOSTL;
• An index of terms used in the descriptors;
• A users’ guide which gives detailed information about the EPOSTL.